Threat to Life of Activist Shamim

Shamim Modi.  photo-Rajyakaryam

Dear friends, ever since Senior Activist Shamim Modi of SHRAMIK ADIVASI SANGATHAN and SAMAJWADI JAN PARISHAD (Betul and Harda) exposed the corrupt nexus of mining Mafia and Politicians operating in the reserved forests of Harda and Betul District the politicians namely Revenue Minister Kamal Patel also MLA from Harda , an M.P. of BJP from Betul mr. Vijay Kumar Khandelawal, Minister In charge of the Harda district Smt. Kusum Mehendale, National Executive Member of BJP Raja Thakur and Ex-president of Harda Municipal Corporation Surendra Jain are after their life. They are so powerful that the District collector of Betul Sanjeev Jha was trransferred within 24 hrs of his taking action against the Mining Mafia.

On behalf of SHRAMIK ADIVASI SANGATHAN, Shamom Modi filed a PIL in the High Court at Jabalpur demanding actions against the illegal mining activities in the reserve forests. On three occasions, the High Court ordered and got the matter enquired through the Registrar (Vigilance) of High Court and found that the illegal mining operations were actually going on in a big way in the reserve forests of Betul and Harda districts under the protection of the above Nexus. The High Court has ordered stoppage of all illegal mining activities in the two districts.

Considering the threat to her life, the High court at Jabalpur, in the above ongoing PIL regarding illegal Mining, provided Shamim Modi with 2 Armed Guards. But Even then on one or other occasions, false and frivolous cases are filed against her and on many occasions her guards were made to make false complaints against her.

On 13th Feb 2007 the administration got an FIR registered against under SC ST Atrocities Act against Anurag Modi, a Senior Activist of the Organisation, under Sec. 506, 294 and 3 (1) (X) of SC ST Act at Harda SC ST Police station by none other than the guards of shamim Modi. The FIR said that Anurag Modi has abused the Dalit Guard on caste-line and threatened to kill him with his own Rifle.

The action of the Administration shows that tommorrow Shamim Modi be another one who may be killed by her own guards in order to get rid of her. Feeling the constant threat, presently she has returned her guards and has filed an Interlocutory Application before the High Court at Jabalpur for withdrawal of Security Guards.

The threat to her life by the ruling party politicians continues and even may i

We request you to kindly write protest letters to the DGP (M.P.) at
dgpmp@... dgpmp@...> and to the Chief Minister of
M.P. through the Secretary at cs@... cs@...> ,
jain.anurag@... jain.anurag@...>, and
iqbalsinghbais@... iqbalsinghbais@...>. with a copy marked
to us.

In Solidarity,
Shramik Adivasi Sangathan and
Samjwadi Jan Parishad
Betul/Harda (M.P.)


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