Samajwadi Jana Parishad leader Praveen Wagh passes away

Pravin Wagh-2009 photo
AURANGABAD: Adv. Pravin Wagh, a Prominent leader of the Samajawadi Jan Parishad (Socialist People's Council) and President of Maharashtra Construction and Wood Workers’ Union (Maharashtra Bandhkam Va Lakud Kamgar Sangathan -MBLKS), passed away here on Thursday 15 September, 2011. Mr. Wagh was 59. He is survived by his Malayali wife Dr.Padmini, a son Ajay.

With the passing away of Wagh - the Socialist movement in India has lost one of the important leaders and an advocate for the rights of the dalit people and the working class.

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Pravin Wagh-2002
Pravin Wagh-2009