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TISS faculty member attacked in Mumbai (video)

A faculty member of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences and state vice president of the Madhya Pradesh Samajwadi Jan Parishad, Shamim Modi is battling for her life after being attacked with a chopper in her flat in the Mumbai suburb of Vasai.



TISS professor assault: state wants CBI to take over case

Indian Express
Sukanya Shetty
Posted: Friday , Aug 28, 2009 at 0100 hrs

Relenting to demands from various citizen groups and staff members of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in Doenar, the state government wants the CBI to take over the investigation into the attack on activist and teacher Shamim Modi.
State Home Minister Jayant Patil, who met social activist N D Patil along with others, said the case would soon be handed over to the CBI as ‘the local police was not equipped to handle the case’.
“The decision was taken in a meeting. We are yet to get any orders. Once indicated, we will immediately write to the CBI and wait for their confirmation,” said a senior IAS official.
Modi, 39, a professor at TISS and a political activist from Madhya Pradesh, was allegedly attacked by a security guard named Rajesh Bahadur alias Jang Bahadur. She was badly injured and was admitted to a hospital in Vasai. She has accused a senior BJP leader from Madhya Pradesh for the attack.
“The home minister agreed to our demands that the matter is concerning more than one state and the accused had fled to his home town in Nepal. Patil agreed to hand over the case to the CBI and assured that the notification to send the case to the central agency will be issued with immediate effect,” said social activist Sanjeev Sane.
The Manickpur police station investigating the case has registered a case of house-breaking. “Besides CBI inquiry, we had demanded that the sections of attempt to murder and conspiracy should also be included. The state move had finally vindicated our campaign,” said Anurag, Modi’s husband.
Modi and her husband had along with their son shifted to Mumbai just three months ago, and taken up a full-time job with TISS.

Modi was attacked earlier also, in her home town Harda.


TISS demands CID inquiry into assault on professor



Mumbai, Aug 28 (PTI) The city-based Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) has sought a CID inquiry into the assault on one of its staff members last month.

A delegation from TISS has met Home Minister Jayant Patil in this connection, it said in a statement here.

Shamim Meghani Modi, an assistant professor with the institute who had earlier worked in Madhya Pradesh as an activist of Shramik Adiwasi Sanghatana, was assaulted on July 23 by a security guard at her residence in Vasai.

According to the statement, the offender is yet to be nabbed.

On account of the social work in Madhya Pradesh, she had faced threat to her life in the past, the statement said, seeking a CID probe and police protection to her.




TISS professor seeks justice

The Hindu

Special Correspondent

MUMBAI: Shamim Modi, assistant professor with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), who was attacked by a security guard in her apartment on July 23, has filed a writ petition in the Bombay High Court demanding a CBI inquiry into the assault.

Speaking to journalists here on Friday, she said: “We are demanding a CBI inquiry because the local police are trying to make an attempted murder case look like a robbery” under Section 397 of the IPC.

Ms. Modi, who is a political activist from Madhya Pradesh, recently moved to Vasai in Thane district to take up her job at the TISS.

Ms. Modi alleged that the police did not take down her statement properly and in fact deleted some of the specific charges she had levelled against a former Madhya Pradesh Minister and his son. As a political activist and part of the Shramik Adivasi Sanghatana at Beitul in Madhya Pradesh, she and her husband, Anurag, had organised workers in about 64 saw mills in Harda, and exposed illegal excavation in forest areas. Their work with the adivasis had antagonised politicians who have repeatedly threatened to kill her.

Ms. Modi was attacked by the security guard, Jung Bahadur. She suffered cuts and underwent 118 stitches. She is suffering from vertigo as a result of the severe blows on her head. “He wanted to ensure that I will bleed to death and he kept threatening to shoot me. He was clearly not interested in the money I was offering him,” Ms. Modi said.

Ms. Modi alleged that the police made her forcibly sign her statement without reading it to her and they even compelled the doctor to discharge her quickly. They changed her husband Anurag’s statement to show that she had called him up to say she had been robbed. Despite the Additional Chief Secretary (Home)’s intervention, the local police took three days to re-record her statement.

Ms. Modi said she was attacked for 15 minutes and there was blood and fingerprints everywhere. However, police said they could not find any fingerprintps and had not even traced the attacker who is of Nepali origin.

Meeting on August 28

Various organisations held protests on Friday in New Delhi and Mumbai to demand justice in her case. The students and faculty of TISS is behind Ms. Modi, says Jitendra Das, general secretary, TISS students’ union. A public meeting has been planned on the TISS campus on August 28 to condemn the assault.

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Murderous Attack on Shamim Modi:Press Conference/Public Meet

The Committee for the Release of Dr. Binayak Sen will hold a press conference on Friday, 21st August 20009 at the Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh from 3 to 4 PM.

This is in order to draw public attention to and brief on the recent murderous attack on Shamim Modi, an activist working for about 12 years to unionise, and also otherwise mobilise, the adivasis in Harda, Betul and Hoshangabad districts of Madhya Pradesh; she is affiliated to the Shramik Adivasi Sanghatana (SAS) and the Samajwadi Jan Parishad (SJP). She is also a faculty memebr of the TISS.

A demand to conduct a fair investigation and duly factor in the conspiracy angle - given the long history of harassments faced by her particularly two BJP leaders, and sawmill owners, in Harda which made the MP High Court intervene and provide state security for her - has, as it appears, failed to cut any ice with the local police authorities. On the contrary, there is a deliberate attempt to brush aside the conspiracy angle.
Even delegations meeting the Thane (Rural) SP and the Home Minister has not tangibly improved the situation.
Even the attacker carrying out the attack, on the last 23rd July, in spite of being known and identified has escaped and remains to be apprehended.
This is something utterly disturbing. And conforms to a pattern.

Hence the demands for a CBI enquiry; interrogating the two suspects behind the perceived conspiracy; effective measures to apprehend the attacker.

The press conference would be addressed by among others Prof. Modi, her husband and co-activist Sri Anurag Modi and also SJP leader Sri Sanjeev Sane.

Press Conference

Type: Causes - Protest
Network: Global
Date: Friday, August 21, 2009
Time: 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Location: Mumbai Marathi Ptarkar Sangh
Street: Press Club
City/Town: Mumbai, India



CBI probe sought in Shamim case

The Hindu
Staff Reporter

BHOPAL: People from all over Madhya Pradesh have protested against the brutal attack on Shamim Modi, a professor at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences and an activist involved with several organisations in the State.

The protesters submitted a petition to Governor Rameshwar Thakur here over the weekend demanding swift action by the Maharashtra Government against the attackers assistance from the Madhya Pradesh Government. They also demanded a Central Bureau of Investigation probe into the matter.

Ms. Modi was attacked at her Vasai residence in Mumbai last month. In her statement, she reportedly indicated BJP MLA and former Revenue Minister Kamal Patel’s hand in the incident.

— photo: A.M. Faruqui

VOICING THEIR ANGER: People demonstrating in Bhopal on Saturday demanding arrest of the accused in connection with the recent attack on social activist Shamim Modi.

- - - -

Campaign Condemns Brutal Attack on Activist Shamim Modi

By: chnarendra
Mumbai : Social activist Shamim Modi, of the Shramik Adivasi Sanghatan (affiliated to Samajwadi Jan Parishad), was brutally attacked in her Mumbai home on Friday, July 23rd.

The Sanghatan has been organising adivasis and other marginalised communities in Betul District. Since some time now the local industrialists and former Revenue Minister Kamal Patel had allegedly targeted Shamim Modi for her work as an activist with the organisation.

She has faced death threats, false cases and imprisonment, and the danger to her life was deemed serious enough for the Madhya Pradesh High Court to order police protection for her in 2007.

On Friday, she was attacked by a watchman of the building, who left only when he thought she was about to die. The fact that the attempted murder was clearly not a robbery alone is shown by the fact that the attacker seemed hardly interested in valuable property in the house and left only with some cash.

The response of the Mumbai police has been entirely unsatisfactory and leads to suspicions that they have no intention of properly investigating the crime. The campaign for Survival and Dignity has called upon the Government of Maharashtra to live up to its constitutional responsibility and ensure that this attempted killing of an activist - just one more example of the brutality and repression that social movements face - not be allowed to go unpunished. (EOM)

- - - -


Gruesome assault on Shamim Modi in her own house at Vasai (A fact finding report)

Mukta Srivastava and Lena went visited Shamim Modi in vasai . Here is their fact finding report.
We must come together to really put pressure on the state and police to
take prompt action to arrest the accused, in the first place.

A fact finding report

Date: 31 July 2009


Shamim Modi who is presently teaching at the Tata Institute of Social
Sciences (TISS) as an Assistant Professor, is an activist of Shramik Adivasi
Sanghtan, which has been working in Betul, Harda and other districts of
Madhya Pradesh. Shamim is married to Anurag Modi who is also an activist
with Shramik Adivasi Sanghatan. Her work has focused against the atrocities
and injustice meted out to adivasis, mill workers and unorganized laborers
in the area. For the last many years, due to the nexus between officials and
the industrial lobby in Madhya Pradesh, she has been harassed, jailed, told
to leave from 8 different districts in M.P. There have also been a number of
attempts on her life (this is evident from the various press notes, fact
finding reports, FIRs lodged by Shamim and court cases as well as
information shared by Shamim and Anurag Modi. Attached is another fact
finding report by various human right activists when Shamim was jailed and
bail was denied to her in February 2009.

Now a serious and heinous attempt to kill her was made not in M.P. but in
Vasai at her home on 23rd June 2009 in the afternoon. A two-person
fact-finding team, consisting of Mukta Srivastava and Leena (went to Vasai
on 28th June 2009). This is the report of our findings.


1. Meeting with Shamim in Prakash Nursing Home
We went to meet Shamim around 1.15 pm in the Prakash Nursing Home. We found Shamim lying on the bed with bandages on her throat, arms, fingers, scalp and stomach. She welcomed us in a spirited manner despite her condition.

When we asked about her husband Anurag, she replied that he has gone to the
police station. We asked Shamim if she would be able to tell us the incident
in detail. She agreed and started narrating the incident from the beginning.
Shamim has been living in a rented accommodation at Vasai for last one
month. The building has a watchman named Rakesh Nepali who is about 25-27 years old.
A. The attack
On 23rd July between 2.30-2.45 pm, Shamim was sleeping in the bedroom which is in the corner of her house beyond the hall, kitchen, bathroom, and her
child’s room. Her son had gone for his tuition classes.
Rakesh, the watchman of the building knocked on the door. When she opened
the door, he said that he had come to see if the tanks in the house are
filling with water. She allowed him to enter the house as he was known to
her and she was comfortable with him. But quite unlike earlier times when he
would visit the house and the door used to be kept open, this time he closed
the main door immediately on entering the house. Still she did not doubt
anything as she thought maybe he had closed it unconsciously.
He entered the bedroom which has a glass window that opens towards a creek
at the back. The windows were shut, of which one window was made of net. He
checked the water in one of the tanks which was outside and above the
bathroom and which had a low water level. He then asked to check the other
tank which was inside the bedroom. Shamim told him that there was no need to do that as the tank was full and it had no problem. But he insisted on
checking the tank in the bedroom, saying that there was a connection between
the two water tank lines, and to repair the first one he had to see the
second one which was in the bedroom.
He caught her unaware and grabbed Shamim’s neck from behind and hit on her head twice with the baton which he was carrying as watchman. She started
bleeding. She then ran to the window and shouted, “Save me.” He hit her
again twice on her head.
Shamim having a presence of mind and not panicking, thought that this man
has come to either rape her or kill her. She told herself that at any she had to survive, and not succumb to the injury or faint. She said that at that moment she separated her mind from her body.
She tried to snatch the baton and broke it into two. In the process of
tussle, he hit her on the finger, which was almost broken. She fell on the
bed; he grabbed her hair and pulled her head. Then he immediately took out a
saw (aari) from his pocket and slit her throat which started bleeding
profusely. Shamim was still fighting and stayed alert. She started engaging
him in conversation so that he wouldn’t be able to think. She asked him why
he was doing this, did he want money, if so she would give him all that she
He was emphatic that he did not want any money. Then she again asked what
he wanted but he did not say anything. Then he pulled her nighty and she
feared that he was going to rape her. She said, “Bhaiya aap mere bete ke
itane accha dost ho, aur aap mera balatkar karne ja rahe ho, aap mere bacche
jaise ho.” But he had something else in mind and not rape, pulled her nighty
up and slit her stomach

Shamim again asked him, “Bhaiya, paise le loo agar tumhe chahiye,” she kept
saying this to engage him in talk and to divert his mind. Then he said ok
give me money. Shamim asked him to take her to the hall where her purse was
in a cupboard which was unlocked. She took out the purse and handed over
only Rs. 2500 to him though she had about Rs. 5000 in her purse. In the
process, she snatched the aari, hid it inside the purse and kept it in the
cupboard. She again asked him why was he doing this to her if he was not
interested in money. He said, “Bandook nikalkar kahani khatam kar doon kya?”
Shamim saw him being restless and walking in and out of the room, and his
mind not working. He asked her to give him the house key. She told him the
key is with the neighbor in flat 201. He became most restless and nervous.
Then she told him to put her in her son’s room as she knew that this room
could not be locked from the outside. He just dumped her in the room and she
immediately locked herself inside.
He then fled, leaving his sandals behind and bolting the main door from the
outside. Shamin came out of the room after he had left, called the neighbor
through the intercom and told them to open the door.
She cried for help but the neighbors, mostly women, were very scared when
they looked at Shamim’s state. They did not have courage to even to tie her
blood-soiled hair. On the contrary, they were crying and were frightened.
Shamim phoned her parents who stay in Vasai itself, and they admitted her in
the Prakash Nursing Home.
Shamim is confident that this was a politically motivated attempt to murder
her, and the ex-Minister, Mr. Kamal Patel and Mr. Natwar Patel from Sawmill
Owners Association are involved. Shamim has been working for the rights of
the mill workers and has many times come under threat in this regard. She
believes these people have a hand in this attack.

B. The backdrop of the incident as told by Shamim and Anurag
Rakesh, the watchman of her building has been very popular among the
residents of the building. Many families and the children in the building
had familiar comfort with him. He never raised his voice or misbehaved with
anyone. So no one ever doubted him. Both Rakesh and her son Palash had very
cordial relations and used to play together. Rakesh used to collect all the
information regarding Shamim and her family from her son. He found out that
her husband Anurag had gone to Madhya Pradesh and would not come back soon.
Between 19th and 22nd July, he visited some of her immediate neighbors on
the same floor under the pretext that he needed to phone, etc. He found out
that the male members of some of the houses of the floor were out of
station. He also found out that Shamim was alone with her son. He found out
when Palash her son goes to school or tuition.
On 19th July at around 9 pm at night, he visited Shamim and asked if he
could use the phone. At that time her son had gone to the dhobi for
collecting clothes. Shamim knew him so happily allowed him to use the
telephone, which was kept in the hall itself near the main door. He kept
talking for about 15 min. He kept the main door open all along.
However later when police tried to track the phone call from Tata telecom
company, it was found out that he was just pretending to phone but no phone
call was made during that time.

2. Talk with neighbors

We went to visit the residential society where Shamim has been living and
talked with one of the immediate neighbors. We found out that Rakesh had won the confidence of everyone in the society, and if his sandals were not found
outside Shamim’s house that day, no one would have believed that Rakesh
could ever do this.
More importantly, we found out that even the neighbors believe that it was
not a case of robbery. This conclusion was made based on observation of the
house and that of other neighbors and the fact that even Shamim did not wear
any gold, etc, which may prompt him to do such heinous crime for money.
3. Anurag’s information
Anurag Modi who was in MP due to a court case came back to Vasai on
the 25thof July. We met him after he came back to the hospital from
the police
station. According to Anurag, he went to give his statement to the police
but, to his surprise, the police had already recorded a statement on his
behalf and wanted Anurag to sign on it. Police is somehow trying to make
this incident as a case of robbery which it is not. Anurag told the police
that he will make his own statement the police will have to admit it.
He also sent a SMS on 30th that the police have fudged the statement by
Shamim to make it a robbery case.
4. Lapses by the Security agency
There is no identification data kept by the security agency on Rakesh, such
as his real name, address, photographs, etc. This is sheer lapse on the part
of security agency.
5. The police investigation
Fortunately, Shamim’s brother who visited her when she came to stay at
Vasai, had taken photographs of her house, building, others and also the
watchman. This helped the police in their investigation into the matter.
The police have found out that Rakesh has been born and brought up in
Dombivali, near Mumbai and his family was staying there but recently they
shifted to Nepal, except her brother who is married to a Maharashtrian
woman. Rakesh was in his house till 25th July, 2 days after the assault, and
then left for Nepal.
The Police have found out that the watchman hid his identity by giving wrong
name. His real name is not Rakesh Nepali but Jang Abrader.
This clearly shows the lackadaisical attitude of Police that despite the
fact that Rakesh was in Thane till 25th July the police could not arrest him.
The statement given by Shamim’s brother to the police has been
misinterpreted as a robbery case when the fact was Shamim offered him the
money just to divert his mind.
• In our perception there seems to be a motivation to kill her other
than a robbery in this case.
• It may be politically motivated knowing Shamim’s history and
background, and her struggle for justice for the marginalized and against
the powerful and the state.
• There are serious lapses on the part of the security agency.
• The police’s attitude is lackadaisical and, to simplify the matter,
the police is out to prove it is a case of robbery.
• This is yet again a violent attack on the human right defenders in
a democratic society like ours.
This incident and attack on Shamim’s life is shocking.
We condemn such gruesome act and demand
- The accused should be brought to the book immediately.
- A CBI probe should be conducted on the incident to expose those behind
this incident and they should also be brought to the book.
- Probe the lapses on the part of the security agency and take legal
action against it. Stricter regulation should be made for the security
agencies to protect the life and property of the residents.

Mukta and Lena

National Alliance of Peoples' Movements


Brutal attack on TISS teacher


The Hindu - ‎Jul 27, 2009‎

Staff Reporter

MUMBAI: Shamim Modi, an assistant professor at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) here, was attacked on July 23 at her residence in Vasai, Thane district. She is under treatment and has undergone 118 stitches.

According to a police complaint, Ms. Modi was attacked by Rakesh Nepali, the security guard of her housing complex. She was alone at home at the time of the incident. Nepali entered the house under some pretext, and slashed her with a knife, inflicting multiple injuries and hit her fracturing her right hand. He took away Rs.2,500 and is absconding.

Police have registered a case under Section 397 (robbery or dacoity, with attempt to cause death or grievous hurt) of the Indian Penal Code.
Investigating Officer Ashok Pawar said the motive behind the attack would come to light only after Nepali was arrested.

However, Ms. Modi’s husband Anurag Modi said that the police were probing from the robbery angle alone.

The family is suspecting a political hand in the assault.



Social activist sees hand of politician, son behind attack

Indian Express Posted: Monday , Jul 27, 2009 at 0549 hrs

Sukanya Shetty

Mumbai: A social activist, who was attacked at her residence in Vasai on Friday night, has alleged that a politician and his son from Madhya Pradesh were behind it.
Shamim Modi, who hails from the Harda district of Madhya Pradesh, shifted to Mumbai with her husband, Anurag, after she found a job as an assistant professor at the Tata Institue of Social Sciences in Deonar.
Modi was allegedly attacked by a watchman and received 200 stitches and suffered multiple fractures. She is now recuperating at a nursing home in Vasai.
Modi and Anurag had initiated a movement against corruption and exploitation of workers of saw mills in rural Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. “We have actively worked in Harda and have exposed the politician time and again. He had tried to attack us even when we were in MP. I am in great shock after this attack,” said Anurag.
“We have recorded the victim’s statement. We are now on the lookout for the watchman who attacked her. Only after we arrest him we will be able to take the case forward,” said Additional Superintendent of Police, Vasai, S B Pathare. Pathare added that they are not ruling out the possibility of a political motive behind the attack.
According to the statement given by Modi, a watchman named Rakesh Nepali entered her house on the pretext of checking the water supply. He then strangulated her and stabbed her with a knife. Modi said that she even offered her valuables to the accused who refused to take them and continued attacking her. The attacker stopped hitting her after Modi pretended to be dead.
As soon as the attacker fled, Modi called out for help. Her neighbors then took her to a nearby hospital and registered a complaint with the Manikpur Police station in Vasai.


Failure of Maharashtra
By: Dr.C.B.Choudhary Friday , 31 Jul '09 14:04:56 PM

In this kind of an Inter state crime, it is the duty of The Govts of Maharashra as well as of the Union Govt to catch the culprits and bring the truth out. Since a very powerful man of the BJP Govt of M.P. (a minister in fact) is the main suspect in this crime, no initiative or cooperation from M.P. State govt can be expected. All people in knowledge of the Harda social movement know the active involvement of MP Govt in repressions going on there for the last several years. In the federal system of our country, the union govt has to take the responsibility of all interstate crimes.

Attack on social activist
By: Dr.S. Mazumdar Wednesday , 29 Jul '09 11:21:30 AM

Yet another attempt to suppress movement against corruption and exploitation by the perpetrators of the social crime. The report on the life endangering assault on Shamim Modi in Mumbai, far away from Harda in Madhya Pradesh, the place of the social movement, is ample indicator of the reach and vindictiveness of the corrupt.It is time that all sensible citizen of the country raise their voice against corruption, in as organized way as possible .


Murderous attack on Shamim Modi


On 23rd July afternoon, Shamim Modi of the Shramik Adivasi Sanghathan Harda, Madhya Pradesh, was attacked by a watchman in her flat in Vasai, Mumbai.
She is now in hospital, having had about 120 stitches put in, but is out of
danger now. She survived due to her own presence of mind and putting up a fight,
warding off lethal blows to her vital organs.

Shamim, who is also the Madhya Pradesh Vice President of the Samajwadi Jan
Parishad, is currently Asst Prof at TISS, has been harassed systematically for
her work among adivasis in Harda and Betul, MP, and was recently arrested on
false charges, she is now out on bail. For the past few years, she has been
threatened, attacked and granted securty by the High Court, due to real threats
to her life. She has been specifically threatened with death by ex revenue
Minister of MP, Kamal Patel, who she suspects to be behind this attack, as the
attack had the hallmarks of a contract killing. The Mumbai police is working on
this lead, and also exploring other theories. Shows the precariousness of
activists confronting the state, especially in MP.

Messages of solidarity can be sent to: Shramik Sanghu<shramiks@gmail.>


Kamayani BaliMahabal <
Rahul Banerjee 74, Krishnodayanagar, Khandwa naka, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India-452001 Cell no: +919926791773webpage: http://rahulbanerjee.notlong.comblog:

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Mining mafias attack on Shamim Modi

We would like to draw your attention to a murderous attack on social and political activist Shamim Modi at her residence in Vasai,Distt. Thane on Friday, July 24, 2009.
The assailant, a security guard in her society,Rakesh Nepali is missing and is still to be apprehended.The society is trying for a cover up, by not acknowledging him as an employee.
Since Shamim and her husband Anurag Modi have been actively campaigning against the mining mafia of M.P.,whose local leader in Harda,M.P.(where Anurag Modi resides,and Shamim did too,till recently) is a former minister in Shivraj Singh Chauhan's government, we fear the assault may have been politically motivated.

The Modi couple are both highly educated,Shamim from TISS,Mumbai,where she has just joined as a faculty member,and Anurag is an engineer,also qualified from Mumbai,who has chosen to devote his life to the cause of the downtrodden and marginalized in society.This maybe an attempt also to harass them into leaving Harda permanently so that the opression of the casual workers in Harda town,whom they have organized into a 'Hammal Panchayat' may continue unchecked.

We appeal to your sense of justice,and hope that you willorder that the police enquiry be expedited and the guilty punished, so that 'justice delayed is justice denied' does not hold true in this case.

Dr. Swati,
Member,National Executive,
Samajawadi Janaparishad,

Advocate and Member,
Vidyarthi Yuvjan Sabha,