Murderous Attack on Shamim Modi:Press Conference/Public Meet

The Committee for the Release of Dr. Binayak Sen will hold a press conference on Friday, 21st August 20009 at the Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh from 3 to 4 PM.

This is in order to draw public attention to and brief on the recent murderous attack on Shamim Modi, an activist working for about 12 years to unionise, and also otherwise mobilise, the adivasis in Harda, Betul and Hoshangabad districts of Madhya Pradesh; she is affiliated to the Shramik Adivasi Sanghatana (SAS) and the Samajwadi Jan Parishad (SJP). She is also a faculty memebr of the TISS.

A demand to conduct a fair investigation and duly factor in the conspiracy angle - given the long history of harassments faced by her particularly two BJP leaders, and sawmill owners, in Harda which made the MP High Court intervene and provide state security for her - has, as it appears, failed to cut any ice with the local police authorities. On the contrary, there is a deliberate attempt to brush aside the conspiracy angle.
Even delegations meeting the Thane (Rural) SP and the Home Minister has not tangibly improved the situation.
Even the attacker carrying out the attack, on the last 23rd July, in spite of being known and identified has escaped and remains to be apprehended.
This is something utterly disturbing. And conforms to a pattern.

Hence the demands for a CBI enquiry; interrogating the two suspects behind the perceived conspiracy; effective measures to apprehend the attacker.

The press conference would be addressed by among others Prof. Modi, her husband and co-activist Sri Anurag Modi and also SJP leader Sri Sanjeev Sane.

Press Conference

Type: Causes - Protest
Network: Global
Date: Friday, August 21, 2009
Time: 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Location: Mumbai Marathi Ptarkar Sangh
Street: Press Club
City/Town: Mumbai, India


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