Campaign Condemns Brutal Attack on Activist Shamim Modi

By: chnarendra
Mumbai : Social activist Shamim Modi, of the Shramik Adivasi Sanghatan (affiliated to Samajwadi Jan Parishad), was brutally attacked in her Mumbai home on Friday, July 23rd.

The Sanghatan has been organising adivasis and other marginalised communities in Betul District. Since some time now the local industrialists and former Revenue Minister Kamal Patel had allegedly targeted Shamim Modi for her work as an activist with the organisation.

She has faced death threats, false cases and imprisonment, and the danger to her life was deemed serious enough for the Madhya Pradesh High Court to order police protection for her in 2007.

On Friday, she was attacked by a watchman of the building, who left only when he thought she was about to die. The fact that the attempted murder was clearly not a robbery alone is shown by the fact that the attacker seemed hardly interested in valuable property in the house and left only with some cash.

The response of the Mumbai police has been entirely unsatisfactory and leads to suspicions that they have no intention of properly investigating the crime. The campaign for Survival and Dignity has called upon the Government of Maharashtra to live up to its constitutional responsibility and ensure that this attempted killing of an activist - just one more example of the brutality and repression that social movements face - not be allowed to go unpunished. (EOM)

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  1. Dear All

    In continuation of our efforts to condemn the brutal attack on Shamim Megahni Modi, Activist, and seeking CBI Investigation into the matter, TISS is organising a Press Conference and Public Meeting on 28 Aug, 2009 at Conference Hall, TISS from 2 pm to 4 pm. Please do join the meeting to express our solidarity.


    To Condemn the Brutal Attack on Shamim Megahni Modi, Activist, and Seeking CBI Investigation into the matter

    The Press Conference will be addressed by:

    Prof. .Parasuraman, Director, TISS,
    Ms Shamim Meghani Modi and Mr Anurag Modi

    The Press Conference and Public Meeting will be held

    from 2 pm to 4 pm

    on Friday, the 28th August , 2009

    at the

    Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Conference Hall,
    TISS Campus, Mumbai – 400088.
    Activists and Academicians concerned about the issue.

    We request your presence

    Contact: Dr Manjula (9323161301), Dr Rajani K (9870016858)