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He was a fighter, leader of peoples movements. he never compromised on ideology he led prestigeous adivasi struggle in Kesla Madhya pradesh and adivasis has got fishing right in Tawa dam in Narmada river and also led farmers movements in various part of the country. he was the founder of Kisan Adivasi Sanghatan and samajwadi jana parishad. he was very simple and very humane to the heart. He was only 54.He was taken to hospital due to massive brain haemorage last week and later moved to AIIMS Delhi there he died yesterday. He was the gold medalist student in economics in JNU.Later he gave up his doctoral studies in economics for organizing tribals and farmers and settled in remote village,Kesla in M.P. HE led a cycle rally in north east against himalyan car rally while he was a student leader. He was very activein struggle for neighbour hood school system. recently he was arrested in connection with anti liqour struggle in MP. Once Yogendra yadhav when he was the one of the leader of Samajwadi janprishad in speech in Mysore " i never seen mahathma gandhi, but now i am proud to work with Sunilji who have same vigour and quality of Mahatma gandhi".He had formed a co operative society for displaced tribal people of Kesla and it is one of best co op society in Asia fully run by Adivasis. He was on hectic election campaign in Betule where Phagram a tribal leader brought by sunilji contested. He was having a lot of mental pressure all these days.Sunilji can't leave us he will be remembered as long as legacy of peoples struggles persists.He was an ardent fighter against globalisation. ahhhaah... really a great loss to us. his smiling ,calm face cannot be forget. we were really praying to god for his life but we lost our dearest comrade.

Vinod Payyada

April 16
Just got terrible news that Sunil ji of SJP has suffered a stroke; left side paralyzed. They r taking him to Bhopal in ambulance. Smita, Mayaram, Mishra n Mamata Soni r with him. His bro, Dr. Somesh is reaching tonite. Shiuli, Balu tomorrow. Hope he recovers soon.
Madhuresh Kumar, April 16 - 8:42pm •

Apr 19
Sorry to inform you that Sunil Bhai of SJP didn't survive the brain stroke and breathed his last today in AIIMS...

April 22
Sunil Bhai passed away last night at Delhi AIIMS. We were so hopeful when we heard that he was responding but...

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