Homage to Hugo Chavez

Joshy Jacob, All India General Secretary,Samajawadi Janaparishad
Long Live Hugo Chavez

Samajawadi Janaparishad expresses its deep condolence in the demise of Latin American leader and Venezuala's president Hugo Shavez. He faught against the American mighty imperialism with uncompromise conviction and political stand .He became the hope of the oppressed and exploited masses of the latian american ,african and asian countries .Janaparishad hopes that the demise of Shavez would not weaken the struggle against the imperialism by the masses,rather Shavez would live ever through the spirit of uncompromise fight against the oppressive and exploitative system of imperialism .Samajwadi Janaparishad salutes the people of Venezuala.
Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Photo By Victor Soares - ABr (Agência Brasil) CC-BY-3.0-br , via Wikimedia Commons

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