Jugal Kishore Raibir - The Great Revolutionary

Shri Jugal Kishore Raibir Was born on Jan.1 1947 at Jalpaygudi, West Bengal.
He had been associated with people’s movements all over the country through his work with Dalits and poor backward people for more than thirty seven years. He had been actively involved in the languages movement led by Dr Lohia, the JP movement in 1974 and the numerous farmers movements and anti-Dunkel(W T O) movements of the last few years.

The young Jugal Kishore Raibir was a true representative of post 1974 generation who have consistently participated in a politics for complete transformation of society, economic policy .

In 1995 and 2007 he had been unanimously elected the president of Samajvadi Jana Parishad party.

Photographs by Malayalam News Service (M N S)

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